Onoriode 'Ono' Akporotu is a Nigerian born, New York-based, visual artist and designer. He specializes in photography, creative direction, and design. Born in Kaduna Nigeria, Ono always maintained a keen visual interest. However, unfortunate economic circumstances meant he received his first camera at age eighteen. Despite a lack of early exposure to the arts, Ono allows his curious intuition to guide his aesthetic palette. He has produced a number of photographic and cinematic meditations around the concepts of identity, culture, race, and class.   


Ono is a current graduate student at The New School of public engagement where his studies focus on decolonial design, non-hegemonic visual representations and alternative modes of story-telling. Ono brings a culturally sensitive eye to all projects he undertakes. 


Ono's primary goal is to design and create visual narratives that challenge the norms of today. He hopes to inspire a new generation of creative, curiosity and non-complacent immigrants to imagine a different tomorrow.